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Hello all! Tinywater Photography is very excited to present to you guys an amazing wedding we had a chance to shoot for. This particular wedding was a very traditional Indian-styled one and every bit of it was very fun and unique!

As the bride was getting ready, I had a chance to take some pictures of her outfits and jewelery. Aren’t they just amazing?

There was so much thought and detail put into these outfits and their decorations. Just look at her gorgeously painted hands!

Even their feet were decorated with ink!

The bride freshening up to smell nice for the San Francisco Indian groom!

The bride making a few last minute touch ups for the big day!

I just love these shots. Again just look at all the details! Her outstanding outfit and beautifully done hair makes her such a gorgeous San Francisco Indian bride!

Getting a few shots together before going off for the San Francisco Indian wedding.

Such gorgeous architecture. A perfect place for an San Francisco Indian photo!

Don’t these two look absolutely amazing?

The beautiful wife-to-be kissing her handsome husband-to-be!

It is a tradition for the San Francisco Indian groom to ride around on a horse during the celebration and not participate in the festivities. And look, even the horse was all dressed and prettied up!

The groom getting a few touch ups himself. The ladies working hard to keep him looking all spiffied up!

Everyone looked amazing for this wedding and each did an amazing job helping out with the bride and groom! We were so excited to see the unique outfits and decorations of this San Francisco Indian wedding! And this is just the beginning of the incredible ceremony and reception that is to come! Check out more of the pictures at the Bentley’s Indian wedding photos!

Tammynizw - Love this wedding. Vibrant colors!
Unique San Francisco Bentley indian wedding photos - [...] at Tinywater Photography would like to present to you guys even more San Francisco Indian wedding photos from the Bentley’s Indian wedding! This is the last set of a spectacular wedding we [...]
james smithson - Wonderful wedding photographs.........Thanks for posting.
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