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Bentley Wedding Photos

May 12th, 2011

A continuation of Tinywater Photography‘s San Francisco Indian wedding means a lot more excitement, dancing, and music! They have such an imaginative and grand way to celebrate, that we are surprised that we have not shot many more Indian weddings before!

Dance party! I loved how everyone, even the parents, was having so much fun and dancing to the music!

Even though he couldn’t participate in the dancing and ceremonies, he was still completely happy! I mean who wouldn’t be, strolling around a city on a shiny white horse looking as ravishing as him?

Who needs cars when you have got a horse?

More dancing and music!

A large stereo, music, and a large crowd of people make for a thrilling San Francisco Indian wedding!


The bride and groom having a blast. There was so much excitement in this San Francisco Indian wedding!

The bride and close family members commencing a ritual called Ghari Puja! As you can see she is holding a clay pot on her head, which is filled with water. They bring the water to plant a small stalk in their garden in celebration of this San Francisco Indian wedding.

Groom greeting his family and friends before the ceremony begins.

Groom’s mother tidying up her son to look as sharp as can be!

What a decorative hat!

And the official wedding begins! Such an elegant wedding alter, don’t you think?

The ceremony was outstanding. Not only did they have glamorous decor and chose a great place to hold the wedding, but they also went through certain Indian traditions which made taking unique photos so easy and fun!

The preparations were great, the ceremony was wonderful, but we have even more photos to show you guys! Check out the last set of photos at Bentley’s Indian wedding photos!

Duoimagery - Your photos are incredible!
Amy-Jo Tatum/Bride Chic - You always turn out such gorgeous work . . .
aurea @ bridal shower favors - Really very beautiful photos! The colors are amazing, and the photographer seemed to have captured the happiness in everyone's faces. :D
Nivita Shaw - few details wrong... you've got the bride's sister tagged as the bride (rites/rituals a little incorrect) and MOB tagged as the MOG, etc. :-)
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