Certain photos make me laugh! =)

Another fun San Francisco engagement session! This time with Megan and Kelvin. This cute couple flew in from New York to visit family and decided to kill two birds with one stone and take some time off for their Baker Beach engagement session! I heart these two. I especially heart that they have a cute little dog named Dopamine. And with Kelvin being a neuroscience researcher and Megan a soon to be family doctor, how is their dog’s name not a perfect name?

With all the amazing locations that San Francisco has to offer, we decided to head off to Baker Beach. Megan had told me they’re urban yet they love nature and water. Ding, ding, ding, Baker Beach was perfect!

By the way, Kelvin doesn’t like wearing shoes. At all!

He knows martial arts – Haiyyyaaaaahhhhh!!!!

Do you remember to jump for joy every single day? Jump, jump! He gets major air!

What I love about Megan and Kelvin is their casual and comfortable chemistry. There is something very comforting about the way she nuzzles into him. These two are just real. This is what makes my day perfect, shooting engagement sessions in San Francisco like this!

10 points to the groom to be for pulling that position off! Especially when I said “Rock those walls!” and he immediately got into that position! Martial arts does wonders for the body!

I am so in love with all the trees in Baker Beach. Best trees for a San Francisco engagement session! By the way, have you been noticing how big Megan’s grins are? So cute!

Maybe this is what Megan and Kelvin’s kids would look like… maybe…

Megan, pee wee herman dance champion of the year! Tequila!

Ok now these two are just being goofy right? Funny face competition time!! Only fun times allowed in this San Francisco engagement session!

More of the trees in Baker Beach. Yes I really love those trees!

Kelvin climbs trees he says. Suddenly, he just found himself comfortably sitting up on the tree branch. How did he get up there?! This kind of makes me giggle a little bit. Just another day in the San Francisco trees… Very comfortable.

Hair in faces = love! Megan + Kelvin = love! Megan + Kelvin + San Francisco = love!

Look ma, no shoes!! We finally freed Kelvin’s feet of shoes! Be free toes, be free!

Can you hear the swish swish of Megan’s dress? Silly kids, dresses are for swishing!

Oh yes, these two are goofy too! Goofy with a great sense of humor. Our perfect kind of couple! Goof on, goof off!

San Francisco’s baker beach has the best weeds for engagement session photos. Enuff’ said!

This next one could be my favorite feel good photo of the session. I laughed myself silly when I was working on it. CHEEEESEEEEEEE!

What do the Tinywater photographers do when they’re bored? They make silly little animations of Megan and Kelvin! Oh my gosh, we are seriously so easily amused!

Megan and Kelvin, thanks so much for having us photograph your engagement session. And thank you so much for just being you, sweet, casual and so goofy. You guys are too cute for words and super endearing. We’d love to meet Dopamine one day and I’m sure your wedding will be Ah-Mazing!!! Keep on rocking on!

Alexandra - LOVE these!!!!! I think we did Megan and Kelvin's invitations last month? Small world, so adorable!
Meredith - I love these so much!! I can't wait for their wedding!
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