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Jane + Visnu: A Colorful Engagement Session

November 14th, 2012

We’re back with the highly anticipated (and messy!) end to Jane and Visnu’s adorable San Francisco engagement session! In case you missed it, they already dressed up in their finest, then frolicked in some animal masks, showed off their teensy Maltese Coco, and made us all love them even more than we already do

To recap, Jane is a fabulous makeup artist and hairstylist in San Francisco, is the founder of The Glamourist, and runs around SF and beyond making women gorgeous! She and Visnu have been together for over two years, and he surprised her with an intimate proposal at a favorite saloon, followed by a glamorous surprise engagement party! They are tying the knot next year with a destination wedding in Thailand – we can’t wait to hear all the details!

We rustled up some Holi powder for some friendly competition in a rainbow of colors, and challenged them to get as painted as possible! I think they enjoyed it a little too much…

It’s raining crazy color powder! It’s a good thing their pretty white puppy, Coco, didn’t join in….. he would have been one messy fluff!

Sneak attack!

It looks like the fight didn’t spoil the mood for these lovebirds; they took a break from powder bombing for a little romance.

Visnu left some evidence of foul play…

Jane is winning this round! It’s ok Visnu, real men wear pink!


Grinning in the aftermath of glorious battle!

Jane and Visnu show off their handiwork – they win a prize for the messiest engagement session ever!

Powdered feet! Maybe Jane will start a new fashion trend?

Visnu’s neon camouflage might work in a rave?

Jane even looks lovely covered in paint!! We had a blast with these two silly lovebirds, and a big thanks goes to them for letting us do whatever the heck we wanted with this shoot!

Jane + Visnu: A Quirky Engagement Session

November 12th, 2012

Jane and Visnu decided to let us run wild with ideas for their engagement shoot in San Francisco! After over two years of dating, they are getting married next year in Thailand! Jane is already one of our favorite people, so she was game for anything we could throw at her! Jane happens to be a makeup artist and hairstylist extraordinaire out of San Francisco, and she founded The Glamorist, with a fabulous instagram-filled blog featuring pictures of inspiration, daily life, and her little Maltese Coco!

Doesn’t everyone have a spirit animal? We wanted to see their wilder side at this foggy beach shoot, so we rustled up some animal masks to aid in adding a little quirk to their session. They also brought along Coco, for us to fawn over – isn’t he just the cutest little fluff of puppy? We had to try not to take him home…

We keep telling Jane she’s absolutely gorgeous – I think Visnu agrees with us! It’s no wonder Jane’s makeup is completely flawless – she’s used to glamming people up for the camera!

They wanted to sneak some pictures in of their adorable puppy – how could we not? He brought some of his own swagger to the shoot!

That’s one posh puppy! Even furry friends need a little bling in a shoot.

We picked the perfect pair of goofs for our animal masks! They dug the idea of prancing around in a field, acting out the romance that could never be between a bespectacled giraffe and luxuriously maned cat.

Little known secret: Even though Coco is Jane’s dog, Visnu is the new favorite…

As much as we love them in their masks, we love their sweet expressions – you can’t see giddy smiles when they’re covered up!

What’s classier than couples gangnam style dancing? Sticking your tongue out at your photographer

We couldn’t spring these on you all at once, because the best is saved for last! Another installment of Jane and Visnu’s fabulous San Francisco engagement shoot is yet to come! Just for the overly curious, here’s a hint: It’s full of color! We got a little messy down by the sand…. stay tuned!



San Francisco Engagement Photos - [...] end to Jane and Visnu’s adorable San Francisco engagement session! In case you missed it, they already dressed up in their finest, then frolicked in some animal masks, showed off their teensy Maltese Coco, and made us all love them even more than we already do [...]

We are SO excited for Myra and Anthony’s upcoming wedding, because we loved shooting their San Francisco engagement shoot so much! These high school lovebirds have been together for 15 years, and are just tying the knot! Here’s a little peek at some of the highlights from their day with us:






Sneak Peek: Michelle and Roger

September 24th, 2012

We’re super excited to share this amazing couple’s engagement shoot! This crazy Dallas couple is all set to get married next year, and we can’t wait! Check out a few adorable shots with their dogs (Rocky and Kobe!) that came out of our fun shoot. All of their awesome pictures will be up soon!




Karen + Thong: Romantic Anniversary Shoot

September 20th, 2012

We just can’t get enough of Karen and Thong’s beautiful Seattle Anniversaryphoto shoot! They are such a unique, romantic couple that we love working with them. The adventures we’ve had are amazing!  We’ve followed them from their engagement shoot in San Francisco, to their fabulous wedding in Texas, and now we’re wrapping up their rustic picnic anniversary shoot in Seattle, Washington.

The fabulous styling and props we can credit to Finch and Thistle Events, who were a dream to work with in Seattle, Washington. Karen and Thong worked with us as well as Finch and Thistle Events to create a memorable picnic photo shoot, complete with natural elements, intimate moments, and beautiful scenery. We’ve showcased two installments of their wonderful photographs, so it’s time to finish up with the third. Enjoy! Isn’t nature a magical place? It’s the perfect setting for a romantic anniversary picnic!

To have the perfect picnic, you need the perfect accessories! This little rustic lamp, chic picnic basket, and sweet plaid blanket set the tone for a romantic rendezvous.

These two are straight out of a fairytale! If only it was everyday we could sneak off to the forest to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Break for marshmallows! Our little lamp serves as the perfect little toaster for some mini snacks.

The best part of a picnic? Eating! It looks like these s’mores are the perfect dessert to bring Karen and Thong a little closer.

And what would an anniversary celebration be without champagne and strawberries? It looks like Thong planned ahead!

Our little details were perfectly picked! That colorful tote is the perfect accessory to keep all their picnic accessories stylishly stashed away!

It’s been a successful picnic! We love the beautiful dress Karen picked out for the shoot; it’s so colorful and girly but totally modern!

It must have been a good outing, because they are all smiles! We love the contagious happiness that these two give off; we’ll photograph them anytime!!!

We wish Karen and Thong all the best; they are our favorite people! This gorgeous shoot was way too fun to photograph, and we want to thank Finch and Thistle Events again for all their fabulous work!

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