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Remember Abbey and Josh’s enchanted forest wedding at Dawn Ranch? It was also featured on Ruffled! Well we love that Preston Bailey’s incredibly inspiring blog has featured their gorgeous Fleur de Lisa wedding cake! Head over to see the gorgeous wedding cake!

Featured: Abbey + Josh on Ruffled!

October 31st, 2011

Our photos from Abbey and Josh’s Dawn Ranch Enchanted Forest wedding has been featured by the lovely ladies at Ruffled! Check out Ruffled’s gorgeous blog to see more details from this completely perfect whimsical vintage wedding!

More details from Abbey + Josh’s Dawn Ranch Vintage Wedding

October 26th, 2011

With so many unique details, we here at Tinywater couldn’t help but share a few more vintage wedding photos from Abbey and Josh’s enchanted forest wedding. We get many requests for vintage wedding photos from our clients here at Tinywater, and these beautiful antique book pages, redwood branches, pine cones, and antlers mixed into the floral arrangements and reception displays really made it easy to capture some gorgeous images.

Silver platters gave a classic and rich touch plated with soft green and brown moss to nestle the couple’s wedding cards and made for unique vintage wedding photos. The smaller and simpler bouquets were of rich dark purples from various flowers, creating pops of unique texture throughout the reception.

The stacking of the floral centerpieces on plates of moss was an elegant way to recall a magical forest floor at the wedding reception. I am especially obsessed with the tiny glass bell jars that were placed over the sprigs and pine cones of redwood trees! The intricate gold patterns on the antique books paired with these organic displays created must have vintage wedding photos from this Dawn Ranch forest wedding.

Vintage picture frames were very appropriate for our vintage wedding photos we captured. This one simply stating “I love you more than coffee.” The fluted drinking glasses had elegant leaf garlands etched around the edges.

These drawers of Abbey’s vintage desk seemed to be filled with moss collected from the grounds at Dawn Ranch! We love the folded book paper details. It was so much fun capturing some vintage wedding photos and portraits with this desk and the vintage couch placed on the lawn at the wedding reception.

The antique books stacked up to vary the height on the desk display. Abbey’s little pup never left her side. I’m sure he wanted to be in as many vintage wedding photos as possible!

These antlers were a cool centerpiece on the mirrored coffee table on the lawn. The silver platter with flowers was gorgeously created by Abbey’s cake designer and used as the cake topper! Despite the rain, this enchanted forest wedding is one of my favorites! We are so lucky to be able to be a part of these very special days with the couple and experience their personalities through incredible details like these at Abbey and Josh’s Dawn Ranch Lodge wedding.

Abbey + Josh

October 26th, 2011

As a Napa wedding photographer, we here at Tinywater were blown away by the attention to gorgeous detail after detail at Abbey and Josh’s whimsical forest wedding. The festivities took place at the lovely Dawn Ranch in Guerneville, just north west of Napa, California. The fifteen acre property gave us plenty of opportune spots to take some unique pictures and portraits of the bride and groom.

Rain and fog make for occasional bumps in the road for us as a Napa wedding photographer, but Abbey and Josh managed to make it work for them. Abbey’s white wedding dress with her gray and pink polka dot rain boots combined to create some of our favorite bride portraits!

Pinks and purples were popping up all over the place, with Josh’s tie and the couple’s pink umbrella.

These little compositions of redwood pine cones, ferns, moss, and tiny pink flowers were settled into silver platters and dishes, really creating a magical forest feeling. All of these flowers seemed like they could have been freshly picked from the beautiful woods that surround Dawn Ranch.

The woods surrounding Dawn Ranch were still dripping from the rain, but made for some truly magical couple portraits with Abbey and Josh. In all kinds of weather, we know how lucky we are to have such gorgeous scenery to work with as a Napa wedding photographer!

The couple had a dessert table filled with cookies and goodies for their guests to take home in personalized linen bags. The tall glass jars allowed these colorful sugary confections to become part of the decor at the reception!

We loved being Abbey and Josh’s Napa wedding photographer because of their unique style and details like the antique desk with drawers filled with moss to display the guest cards just outside the reception. The desk and the couch seemed to have magically appeared on the lawn out of thin air!

The lawn at Dawn Ranch was so luscious and green. We had a blast being Abbey and Josh’s Napa wedding photographer for the day, and hope you are as inspired by their unique enchanted forest wedding as we are!

More from Abbey + Josh’s Dawn Ranch Wedding

October 25th, 2011

Abbey and Josh went all out on their enchanted forest theme at their Dawn Ranch wedding! Handfuls of pine cones, ferns, antlers, moss, and tiny twinkling candles were laid out across tables while old weathered antique book pages marked each chapter of the day’s festivities, we felt like we had been transported into one big gorgeous daydream. Dawn Ranch was the perfect setting for this couple’s rustic and fun wedding day.

The wedding rings were placed in a tuft of moss inside an old hollow book!

These pups were having a blast running around the lush green grass at Dawn Ranch! It was a great location for a tented wedding reception, complete with twinkling strings of lights to illuminate the dance floor.

Abbey and Josh couldn’t get enough of the photo booth props we brought. Their fun personalities really came out with the bright pink umbrella and snorkel masks, which were the perfect accessories for this rainy day!

The guest cards were nestled in moss inside the drawers of a beautiful antique desk.

The bright pops of color inside the big white tent for the wedding reception at Dawn Ranch were amazing. Even the guest umbrellas turned into beautiful decorations when they started piling up outside of the reception.

The luscious flowers and vines draped over the back of the bride and groom chairs were a great floral detail. The mix and matched colors of the floral centerpieces were tied together with beds of moss and really added to the whimsical feel of Abbey and Josh’s Dawn Ranch wedding.

The fog surrounding the Russian River banks near Dawn Ranch added to the enchanted forest that Abbey and Josh wished for on their wedding day. The light was perfect after the rain and allowed us to capture some of our favorite shots of the day!

These “Keep Calm and Marry On” frames were a  great graphic touch to the overall organic decor.

This couch in the middle of the lawn at Dawn Ranch was a great spot for these fun portraits. Abbey was so carefree on her wedding day, wearing rain boots to battle the rain and letting herself enjoy being in the moment with her friends, family, and new husband, Josh!