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Just an hour from San Francisco, we spent the day with Monique and Tony at their intimate Carneros Inn wedding in the heart of wine country. These two were high school sweethearts so choosing to elope in the beautiful Napa Valley Carneros Inn apple orchard a week after their fifteenth anniversary, we couldn’t wait to capture their precious memories!

We took a break from the sun and headed inside to the Carneros Inn bar. I love the purple wall behind the bar paired with Monique’s red pumps! These two were up for some exploration of the property with us, giving us ample opportunities to take some unique photographs that these two can cherish forever.

We loved the location because the Carneros Inn is the perfect mix of rustic meets contemporary design, complete with barns and cottages but with modern amenities and interiors. We checked out one of their Bianchi rental bikes to use as a silly prop for some fun wedding day portraits with Monique and Tony. The teal frame and red tires perfectly complemented her shoes!

Back outside, Monique opted for some fun cowboy boots to venture out into the vineyards. There was no need for outside decorations to be brought in because the grounds of the Carneros Inn are already naturally stunning! The tall grass and grape vines felt so magical with the sun beaming down creating the perfect wedding day for Monique and Tony.

This couple could not stop smiling at each other! Even with the camera off, we could see how completely happy they were together just by glancing at their beaming faces.

The bridal bouquet was so unique! With patterned flower petals and dried hay accents, it fit in nicely with the setting Carneros Inn provided.

Finding this field of flowers and tall grass at the Carneros Inn property was like a dream come true for Monique, who originally envisioned an intimate ceremony at sunset in a beautiful field of wild flowers. We felt so lucky that we were able to share in their intimate wedding day which was limited to so few people, and we hope that they are in love with the photos we were able to capture.

Halberg Photographers - LOVE the sexy pictures showing off her legs, beautiful job on this Carneros Wedding!

Monique + Tony

December 13th, 2011

Monique and Tony’s Napa Valley wedding at The Carneros Inn was simple, intimate, and gorgeous. The couple decided to take the marriage plunge after their long 15 year relationship by eloping with a Napa Valley wedding ceremony, no guests, no reception, just the two of them.

When Monique contacted us at Tinywater about her Napa Valley wedding, she told us that one of the most important moments she wanted us to capture was the first look between her and her groom. This meant including all of the beautiful, raw, honest emotions that went along with seeing the love of your life for the first time on the day you marry them.

After the first glance commenced and the tears finished falling, the wedding party of two headed towards The Carneros Inn’s apple orchard for their ceremony. Among 27 acres of farmland and seemingly endless rows of grape vines, The Carneros Inn apple orchard is perched on the edge of the property overlooking the miles and miles of vineyards. It was the perfect spot for this Napa Valley wedding, especially because the couple’s biggest inspiration for their wedding day was their kids! Monique explains, “Our daughter Gracie always tells us she loves us, ‘Like over the hills over the hills.’”

After Monique and Tony’s intimate ceremony, we followed them around the property, exploring and taking advantage of all of the beauty Napa Valley has to offer.

It was not hard to feel the love beaming between these two. Being together for 15 years, we were ecstatic to be able to have the privilege of capturing this couple’s deep love for each other in such a gorgeous setting.

I love the rustic flower bouquet and boutonnieres the bride and groom sported, especially paired with the unexpected pop of Monique’s candy apple red shoes! In our next and final installment from Monique and Tony’s Napa Valley wedding, the bride changes out her heels for whimsical country cowboy boots to head into the vineyards for more wedding portrait fun.

We can’t wait to share a few more photos from this unique Napa Valley wedding at The Carneros Inn!

Dallas Wedding Photographer - Great images!!! Love the creativity in your work!!!

Monique + Tony’s Napa Wedding

December 12th, 2011

Monique and Tony asked Tinywater to be their Napa wedding photographer for their very intimate wedding at the Carneros Inn. This lovely couple had been together for 15 years before deciding on tying the knot the week after their 15th anniversary in a very simple Napa Valley ceremony with no guests except the officiant, Tinywater, and themselves. We loved being included on their elopement which focused on what was most important: their love for each other.

We felt lucky to be chosen as their Napa wedding photographer and to have the chance to hang out at the gorgeous Carneros Inn in the heart of Napa Valley, California. The Carneros Inn resort is located along the Sonoma Highway with a spectacular view overlooking the surrounding vineyards.

The bride’s jewels as she gets ready for her wedding day.

Monique’s bright red shoes were a fun pop of color to the white dress and softness of the Napa Valley countryside.

Monique and Tony decided to have the ceremony performed in the Carneros Inn apple orchard, which is perched up on a hill overlooking the valley of vineyards. Monique told us that her true vision of her elopement would be an intimate ceremony at sunset in a beautiful field of wild flowers or sunrise on a hilltop overlooking the valley, so the setting she chose was a completely perfect pairing of her two dreams.

The layers of Monique’s dress were absolutely gorgeous, fluttering with every movement. Our favorite part of this elopement is that even though there was no audience or guests in attendance, these guys still dressed to the nines for each other.

As the couple got dressed and ready for the first look, you could feel their anxiousness in the air. We can’t wait to show the series of photos that captured their raw and beautiful emotions when they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Monique was all giggles and as her Napa wedding photographer we captured some priceless candid moments of her beautiful smile. The lighting was perfect for capturing these wedding day portraits as the afternoon melted into evening.

Up next we will share more from Monique and Tony’s Napa Valley wedding at the Carneros Inn, including their very special and intimate ceremony and some fun as we explored the land, bar, and vineyards together.

Dallas Wedding Photographer - Very unqiue and creative style!!!

When Nancy asked Tinywater to capture their vintage wedding photos, we were so excited to spend the day with her and Anthony at their Nestldown wedding.

We get lots of requests for vintage wedding photos from potential brides and clients, and Nestldown is one wedding destination that makes capturing the perfect shots easy! We love the stone ground and the lush ferns growing around the grounds of the property. Nancy’s wedding color ideas included a mix of neutrals including antique creme and taupe with accents of green and silver.

We took some fun vintage wedding photos of Nancy and Anthony with their cute son, River. Isn’t he adorable?

This metal butterfly chair was a unique prop for our bride and groom portraits. It looks like they have wings!

The long reception dinner table looks amazing nestled under the towering redwood trees at Nestldown!

The grounds at Nestldown are beautifully landscaped and made for perfect vintage wedding photos and memories of the couple that will last a lifetime!

Nancy made a gorgeous bride. These two are a beautiful pair and their classic looks translated into vintage wedding photos effortlessly.

This little guy his parents wedding day just as much as they did! We love that little blue car of his.

Nancy wanted her guests to feel as if they had been swept away to another world and Nestldown was the perfect place to do so. In addition to the majestic redwoods, lush ferns, and open fields, there are a few hidden waterfalls around the property!

Nancy’s vintage inspired lace dress was so delicate and beautiful, translating perfectly into our vintage wedding photos.

The most important aspect of the day for these the bride and groom was that they were present and able to enjoy it, without worrying about all of the little details. I think they pulled it off because they seemed completely at ease, and the day came together effortlessly. We can’t thank Nancy and Anthony enough for inviting Tinywater along to capture their special day.


Nancy + Anthony’s vendors:

Event Coordinator: Thomas John Events + Nestldown
Florist: Flower Divas
Cake: Cake Expressions
Musician: Bolero Soul
Caterer: Thomas John Events

Paige - I would love to find out who made this dress! Anyway, to fin that out?I love it. The photos are fantastic.

Nestldown is a private retreat in the midst of towering redwood trees, lush fields, and crisp clean lakes. The location is kept private so that there are no interruptions to any sort of event going on, which makes the venue even more magical. It was a perfect setting for Nancy and Anthony’s intimate vintage style wedding, where they only had about 50 guests and sat everyone at one long family style table, really allowing everyone in attendance to interact together.

These two are absolutely gorgeous together. It was fun to have them lounge in the soft lush grass on the Nestldown property for some fun outdoor couple portraits. I love the sunlight filtering down through the tree branches onto the couple.

Nancy wished for a wedding that was the opposite of a hotel ballroom wedding, opting for a mix of elegant, romantic, and vintage meets nature inspired wedding. She had an idea of a whimsical dream in a magical forest, and I think the Nestldown setting matched her vision perfectly!

The couple wanted antique styled china with heavy linens and lush centerpieces accented with vines and greenery to tie in the surrounding scenery of the Nestldown property. All of the green succulents and moss and foliage created rich centerpieces.

Nancy and Anthony opted for a dessert table full of sugary sweets for their guests in addition to their smaller wedding cake. I love the three-tiered glass stands with the assortment of tarts atop the rich damask linen. That bread pudding is making me hungry just looking at these pictures again!

These roasted red peppers brought bright pops of color to the table!

The long family style table was so beautiful tucked under the tall redwood trees. It allowed all of the guests to gather together and be part of the same intimate experience rather than being spread out and separated in smaller tables.

The simplicity of the cake by Cake Expressions with the vines and flowers was absolutely divine. It was almost too perfect to eat! Almost…

I could look at pictures of Nancy and Anthony’s gorgeous wedding all day. These two in this sunlit field look truly and magically in love. Tomorrow we’ll share a few more from their vintage inspired Nestldown gathering.

Maggie - Hi there, I'd love to know who made Nancy's gown - she looks stunning!Thanks,Maggie
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