So maybe sometimes our master photographer, Caroline, and our production diva, Rachelle, think too much alike...

Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma is one of our favorite wedding venues ever to photograph in. It’s just so beautiful and gorgeous there. And somehow, the light is always magical. What makes it really awesome is the fact that there are so many different garden vignettes by different landscape artists, and that provides for so many different locations for photograph opportunities and scenes. Every garden is so beautiful and different, some are so whimsical, and you know whimsical is right up our alley. We have so much fun running around the gardens and getting a different feel or theme for each of our shot. And for you guys that know we love an editorial feel to our photos will also know that we utilize each background and scene to its maximum.

Cornerstone Gardens Fits Our Wedding Style

Everything about Cornerstone Gardens really fits our style, from its different textures, colors and also its natural elements. Nothing delights green photographers like us more than the chance to work with nature at it’s prettiest.

Here is a little description of Cornerstone Gardens from their website:

“Conveniently located at the southern gateway to Napa & Sonoma wine country, Cornerstone Sonoma is an eclectic collection of shops, wineries and a gourmet cafe set amidst nine acres of garden installations created by the world’s leading landscape architects”

Photographs from Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma

Julie and Alexis, one of our favorite Bohemian Sonoma wedding from 2009, had their reception at Cornerstone Gardens. They had so many great photographs from their day there not only because Cornerstone Gardens is a great venue for photographs but also because they allowed ample time for photographs before the reception.

We got so much time to walk around and enjoy each garden as well as experiment photographically at each garden vignette. The result was the best Sonoma wedding photos we have ever taken and all right at Cornerstone Gardens!

To celebrate the beauty of Cornerstone Gardens, we are posting Julie and Alexis amazing Sonoma wedding photo. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed photographing their Cornerstone Gardens wedding. You can tell just how much we love Cornerstone Gardens wedding.

cornerstone gardens wedding 001 Cornerstone Gardens Weddings
We completely love the barn at Cornerstone and how Julie and Alexis set up long tables for their reception. It really encourage interaction and heightens the drama and proportions of the room.

cornerstone gardens wedding 002 Cornerstone Gardens Weddings

Here’s a garden installation that we adore to pieces! And one of the resulting photos we took at the installation. Love it!

cornerstone gardens wedding 003 Cornerstone Gardens Weddings

cornerstone gardens wedding 004 Cornerstone Gardens Weddings

Yet another fun and whimsical installation that had hundreds of pinwheels. So fun and no DIY work involved!

cornerstone gardens wedding 005 Cornerstone Gardens Weddings

We found this bench by the garden nook and took some time with Julie and Alexis away from the reception to let them enjoy themselves and capture some beautiful moments at their wedding.

cornerstone gardens wedding 006 Cornerstone Gardens Weddings

Yummy, yummy details at the reception and the infamous Ro Sham Bo wine. I’m a sucker for oysters and their Hog Island Farm Oysters were a hit!

cornerstone gardens wedding 007 Cornerstone Gardens Weddings

Another secret spot in a garden installation for beautiful photographs while Julie and Alexis embrace each other. I am so in love with this photograph!

cornerstone gardens wedding 008 Cornerstone Gardens Weddings

We went crazy photographing all the neat little details around. Everything was so lush and beautiful! Just perfect!

cornerstone gardens wedding 009 Cornerstone Gardens Weddings

Two different garden installations that lend themselves to dramatic bride and groom portraits. What’s not to love about the tree covered with blue christmas balls!

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