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Alex and Lawrence Michael made the perfect pair for this adorable San Francisco engagement shoot in Chinatown! They are totally excited to be getting married in October, and wanted to jet around San Francisco for their oh so stylish shoot. They definitely came to the shoot with ideas: “Chinatown, anywhere else urban, cool, industrial”. Considering both of them are SF locals and are in love with the city, we knew it would be a magical day.

What we ended up with was a fabulous urban shoot with loads of style, color, smiles, unique elements, and some silliness!

It’s probably lucky to kiss under a ‘lucky sign’, wouldn’t you think? We think they are already lucky in love!

Both of these boys are all smiles! The mood is so contagious, we couldn’t help but giggle all day! Their style compliments each of the guys’ personalities; the bright pops of color and unique patterns make them stand out – even against a wall of graffiti! They describe their style as “urban, retro, preppy, modern”… that’s a lot of boxes to check, but it looks like they nailed it!

These lovebirds enjoy, ” Theatre! (both spectating and performing) Dance! Design!”. It’s no wonder they met while both participating in a musical. They’re obviously used to being a spectacle!

Don’t you just love Alex’s bow-tie? And what about Lawrence Michael’s green shoes? It’s the small details that compliment their outgoing personalities. Alex is no stranger to small details, as he’s in charge of all the design elements they are incorporating into their wedding!

So sweet! This kind of special love is one-of-a-kind, and we are so happy we could share in it, even just for a day!

Chinatown was such a fun setting for this offbeat engagement shoot, and really showcased what they love most about San Francisco,

Julia Henning - This might be the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.
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