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We have some major eye candy with this next shoot all the way from New Orleans! Amy and Dennis are New Orleans natives, and we shot their beautiful wedding back in 2008. Their wedding was part traditional, part jaw-dropping high fashion, sprinkled with some New Orleans flavor. We jumped at the chance to photograph them again in their native surroundings and capture the softer side of this party city!


We can feel the sparks fly! Four years hasn’t dimmed the crazy love these two feel for each other!

Ooh la la! We love a good romantic rendezvous – especially one so stylish! Nude pumps, floral skirt, vintage-style bag…. we’re so stealing Amy’s outfit!

You can’t go to New Orleans and not see a marching band! Thankfully we were able to pose with this one – they aren’t going anywhere!

How cute are these two! It was hard to find a picture that didn’t have a goofy facial expression, we were having too much fun!

Amy and Dennis remind me of an old Hollywood couple – don’t they look like they are about to break into song or waltz away?

Anniversary shoots are some of our favorite – a chance to catch up with the wonderful clients we left as newlyweds!

Break for cuddling! A chill in the air is a great excuse for some closeness.

Even though Amy and Dennis are natives, we love the destination feel of New Orleans – if only we could shoot here all the time! If you think these photos are awesome, you should check out their “day after” photos from 2008 – so fabulous!

I love that we’re seeing the romantic, slightly french side of New Orleans with its graceful weathered details and lush landscapes. While the beads, bright colors, and raunchy side of NOLA is always fun, this view is much more refreshing! Amy and Dennis didn’t want any cliche “tourist” photos, and we’re more than happy to oblige!

Aren’t happy endings the best?? We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these star-crossed lovers; maybe in another four years there will be new adventures to photograph! We wish you two the best!!

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