About the Tinywater Team

Wanna know more about our studio?

We are artists, we are photographers, we are people. And we love photographing everything. And right from the start, we have always believed in the philosophy: “Whenever you want, whatever you want” for our clients.

We believe that wedding photography is an artform and we believe in being ourselves! We also believe you should be yourselves during your big day. Why the hell not? Why would you want to copy something out of a magazine? Showcase your personalities and have a blast at it!

What’s with the name?

Water has always been a strong and calming influence. Ever since Caroline was a little girl, she swims to relax and it’s her element and where she feels the most natural in. Ohhhmmmm…From hobbies such as sailing, scuba diving, swimming to jet skiing, she is a fish in water. It’s gotten so crazy that she even has two Portuguese Water Dogs! And if she could ever be reincarnated, she would chose to be tiny droplets of water in the sea. So why not choose a name infused with what she loves?

For photographers:

We get frequent questions about our photography, if you do want to hang, grub on sushi or grab some coffee, email us. We are also available for personal full day or half day 1 on 1 consultations with photographers. Email us if interested. We encourage you to email us with any questions or comments you have. Please don’t be afraid, we don’t bite and we believe in sharing to improve and better the community. However, we get frequent questions about our photography, style and post processing and we can say this: We CANNOT teach you to shoot like us or be like us, see like us, process like us, simply because we are not the same people and do not see things the same way. There is no simple and magic way. Shoot the way you see the world and no one can ever be you. But if you want some rad kickin’ actions, check out Red Leaf’s actions, our favorite!

Let’s put this in simple terms, if you want our pricing, don’t pretend that you are a bride and take up our time, just email us or call us. We can tell when someone is doing this and we have called people out on it. Better yet, come hang out with us on a personal consult and let’s talk shop.

Caroline Hearts:

  • Kara’s Cupcakes, Crown and Crumpet, froyo, Antropologie, Lucy and All Saints. Oooh All Saints…
  • Salads from Jack’s Urban Eats, Capital Dawg’s vegan dog. Cannot live without Whole Food or Trader Joe’s.
  • Paper, paper, paper and ephemera. Well designed paper products makes me swoon.
  • Boots and shoes – hey I’m a girl after all.
  • Satay, Sushi, Kimchi, Nutella, crepes and curry.
  • Letterpress, one day one will exist in the garage!
  • Penelope, The Hangover, Moulin Rogue, Pi, Tim Burton, House of Yes, 127 Hours, and Mitch Hedberg.
  • Heart Aronofsky. Pitter patter.
  • Anime and Studio Ghlibi. Macross, Votoms, Galaxy Express, Sailormoon and Battle Angel.
  • The gingerbreadman’s flashback in Shrek. How can anyone not love it?
  • Laughing, eating dessert with friends, jet skiing road trips and cuddling with my dogs.
  • Bumpercars, roller coasters and I want to base jump, pretty please!
  • Oh yes, this year I will learn to hang glide!
  • Doggies, and dog agility, zoom zoom!
  • Fonts – T26 gives me chills. Good typography is sexy.
  • Surface magazine, Raygun, Nylon, Lula, Surface, Boho and Carlos Segura.
  • Unique weddings and brides with individuality and oomph!
  • Pollock, Caravaggio, Dada, Rothko, AbEx’ers
  • Deconstruction, Modernism and the Renaissance.
  • Batman and the Joker, ghost towns and road trips.
  • Indonesian food. Yum!